We are an informal group of international aid workers, bloggers, critics and the occasional optimist. This blog is a compilation of our thoughts and discussions, which we hope will provide a starting point for further debate.

At times it is good to have someone questioning, critically analysing and even challenging us – the objective of Aid Leap is to provide this and at times to play devil’s advocate. Our aim is to stimulate discussion and to help the sector, and all those working in it, not to become stagnant or out-dated.

We have over 500 subscribers, 3,400 followers on twitter and over 90,000 views of the blog. Thank you to those who share our links and tweets.47385cfb06e50e99a312a4d50e9d1755_400x400

Want to join the motley crew? Send an example blog to aidleap@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch.

Posts on this blog are not intended as a comprehensive statement of Aid Leap’s individual members nor the organisations that they may work for. Aid Leap does not have agreed policies, but hopes to stimulate debate and share information.

Any comments or contributions are most welcome!

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