Latrine Humour

It’s healthy to laugh:Latrine

Coins for Abbot: Indonesia
– Radi-Aid: Africa for Norway
– Guardian’s Pothole Protests
– Columbia students video: Development Boy
– US military’s remake of Call Me Maybe
– Peter Bowbrick: ‘He’s stopped famines.
– Sarah Palin on Syria: ‘Let Allah sort it out’
– C. Blattman’s find: Gas Mask Istanbul Style
– Stop de derde wereld: Today we are in Africa
39 cents to save this village: Saturday Night Live
– End Voluntourism, move to Fair Trade Learning
– The latest tweets with hashtag #hipsteraidworker
– Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like: Treating locals as peers
Trapped in Me There’s An African Child: Music Video
– The Samaritans: trailer for a kenyan satire on the NGO sector
– Survival’s satirical cartoon narrated by David Mitchell: There You Go
– Rock video in dedication to Jan Egeland: ‘the peacekeeping machine
– How to hijack an aid program: open letter from Canada’s DFAIT (CIDA) to Australia’s DFAT (AusAID)
– Stereotypes harm dignity: SAIH from rustyradiator
– Santa announces IATI commitment: BOND press release published by Linda Raftree
– The spectrum of expat facial hair in Eastern Congo
– An NGOs Handbook for Celebrity Disaster Relief: Warscapes
– Is Twitter just a false popularity? Stromae’s Carmen

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