Round up on Crisis in Central African Republic/Republique Centrale d’Afrique (CAR/RCA)

Saturday’s blog is slightly out of date already, as hoped. Things still seem to be grim in CAR/RCA and we don’t expect it to change overnight. For those of you advocating, trying to affect policy, raising funds, raising awareness, educating friends/family/colleagues or trying to learn yourself, here is a quick round up of the latest stories. This is not comprehensive or in any specific order – do add extras in the comment section.

BBC World reports US logistical support to Burundian troops to beef up the African peacekeeping mission – 9 Dec
IRC reports the bustling capital has become a ghost town. Bodies still in the street this morning. Some clashes as French troops arrived in Bangui to disarm soldiers. – 9 Dec
Journal of Bangui reports CAR’s President claiming that the French support him – 9 Dec reports confirmation by the Pentagon that it will send planes – 9 Dec
Press statement by Permanent Representative of France to the UN and UN Security Council claiming French forces had reinstated order in Bangui though looting continued. – 9 Dec
El Pais reports the French troops impose calm, with video – 8 Dec
Daily Nation reports French troops trade fire in CAR – 9 Dec
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports that France believes the EU will pay for some of their mission in CAR, though this isn’t so clear in Brussels – 9 Dec
MSF Canada reports hospitals becoming overcrowded with injured – 9 Dec. MSF New York/Paris calls for violence and attacks in hospitals to end immediately – 9 Dec.
Huffington Post argues that the French intervention in CAR may prove radically different than Mali mission – 9 Dec
Christoph Vogel warns that using inflammatory terms like genocide or religious war could be damaging – 9 Dec
Aljazeera reports new clashes in the capital as foreign troops begin to disarm militia – 9 Dec
IRIN’s video testimonies in ‘a failed state implodes’
Reuters reports shooting erupting near the airport today – 9 Dec
Laura Jepson’s piece on sexual violence in CAR – 5 Dec
Amnesty International tells international community that it must provide effective protection – 9 Dec
Video report by CNN’s Nima Elbagir who is on the ground in Bossangoa – 9 Dec
Susanna Flood reports for CNN on the lack of easy answers to this crisis. ‘Conditions are desperate and people are very afraid’. Though law and order is first priority, the people also need justice – 9 Dec
France 24 has a video – 9 Dec
Short piece from freelance reporter Melissa: NGOs on the ground now struggle to bring help to hundreds of thousands – 9 Dec
Statement by the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor: concern expressed and all parties asked to abide by international law or risk being investigated – 9 Dec
Louisa Lombard on whether a genocide was likely – 5 Dec
Radio interview with MSF France: MSF remains skeptical despite arrival of French troops – 9 Dec
Alex Thomson for Channel 4 News explains how many fled to the airport for safety – 8 Dec
Marcus Manuel for Guardian draws lessons from Sierra Leone for creating peace in CAR – 9 Dec

A big thank you/merci beaucoup to those working on the ground. Your information is much appreciated but we hope twitter etc doesn’t distract you from the work!
@laurajepson_IMC – International Medical Corps
@susannaflood – Amnesty International
@bouckap – Human Rights Watch
@mk8284 – Save the Children

And to those reporting.
@bbcfessy – BBC World
@worldwidewebb1 – Channel 4 cameraman
@alextomo – Channel 4
@marcusbleasdale – photojournalist
@tristanaje – Al Jazeera
@adrienjaulmes – Le Figaro reporter
@klarsonafrica – Associated Press
@NimaCNN – CNN
@nazaninemoshiri – Al Jazeera

Not promising this every day and hoping that the situation improves but keen to raise awareness on this often forgotten country.

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