South Sudan Cessation of Hostilities Agreement

Here is the full text of the signed agreement on cessation of hostilities between the two sides in the South Sudan Conflict (click on the image for the full document):

South Sudan Cessation of Hostilities Agreement - Signed

This is just the first step and a great deal of work involving civil society in South Sudan will be required to make this agreement the first step towards peace.

There was also an agreement on the status of the detainees. Here is a pdf of the signed agreement:

Agreement on Status of Detainees

Analysis of changes in the agreements from previous drafts:

  • There were 8 numbered drafts, plus a 9th final draft which was signed. Most changes between drafts were small.
  • The cessation of hostilities agreement has seen a number of changes. The most notable has been dropping the demand that foreign armies (that means you, Uganda) leave South Sudan.
  • The language on the release of detainees has been weakened repeatedly to the point the signed agreement doesn’t appear to add much to the cessation of hostilities agreement. The signed draft was weakened even from the previously weakened draft which  said ‘the parties agree to urge the President of the Republic of South Sudan to use his Constitutional Prerogatives to grant pardon and release the detainees to allow them to participate in the dialogue’. That confusing section in which the president’s representatives were urging the president to do things disappeared from the signed agreement entirely.

These changes provide an insight into what were the stumbling blocks to reach an agreement (assuming it wasn’t just the delegates wanting to milk the Sheraton holiday- see this study on the effects of perks on peace talks if you think we’re joking).

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